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201 N. Third Street
Dennison, OH 44621
Phone: 740-922-5478

Technology Department

Claymont City Schools' technology goals help prepare every child for a lifetime of success.
  • Maintain continuous and reliable access to the internet and educational tools while retaining a 1:1 device ratio for staff and students.  
  • Provide an environment that facilitates the use of digital tools to increase student and faculty efficiency, decreases the use of consumable resources, and improves overall communication and collaboration. 
  • Ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff. 
  • Develop and maintain technology learning objectives that meet national standards while providing digital tools that support academic growth.  
If you need tech support, click the "Tech Support" button to the right or email [email protected] for the quickest response times.

Operations Director: Beth Lint

Beth Lint

Assistant Coordinator: Chris Calderon

Chris Calderon

Assistant Coordinator: Bill Bonanno

Bill Bonnano